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Bee Smith and Tony Cuckson of Irish Blessings Tours invite you to join their guided  Celtic spiritual tours for  an authentic experience of Ireland.  Explore the Celtic spiritual heritage of Ireland here in the Northwest’s pristine environment.  Or explore Ireland’s Celtic spiritual past with a journey celebrating the Festival of Brigit each February. Whether you are interested in fairies of early Christian monastic ruins, we offer guided tours that encompasses the complete range of Celtic spiritual Ireland.


celtic spiritual tours

St. Columb, the Little Dove of Derry


Ireland is a land of wonder tales.  We are blessed to live in the border counties betwixt and between the ancient kingdoms of Ulster and Connaught but latterly was known as Breifne.  The geology of the region created the distinctive drumlins, those whale backed hills that ride along the rivers and loughs until they arrive at the Atlantic coast. This is the region where the magical immortals the Tuatha de Danaan landed when they first arrived in the island now known as Ireland.  They brought magical gifts and these live on in the land, stories, poetry and people.


Spiritual Tours Ireland

Tuatha dé Danaan are said to have first landed on Iron Mountain in Leitrim


The authentic experience of Ireland includes that ‘reality’ of the tingle factor often when encountering those ‘thin places’. Those betwixt and between places are still full of the energy of the Tuatha de Danaan who eventually went to ground and became the earth spirits known today as fairies.  Truthfully you can experience the potency of fairy Ireland in these border counties that are betwixt and between in more ways than one!


celtic spiritual tours

Thin places offer portals to the imagination…and other realms


These ‘thin places’ always seem to have an edge.  This is why shoreline is so attractive when our soul requires some peace and healing. Shoreline is an edge and a thin place.


celtic spiritual tours

Heron and swans, spiritual symbols of grace and patience


There are, however, other ‘thin places’ where the known world and the unknown world overlap. Look into the waters of a holy well.


Celtic spiritual tours

Seek the source


Experience the wonder of the underground world of the Marble Arch Caves.


Celtic spiritual tours

Shake holes, underground caverns, karst landscape



Walk and feel the ancestors whispering at your back on the Cavan Burren.


Thin Places Ireland

Giant/ess Grave on the Cavan Burren where you will feel the ancestors at your back


‘Thin places’ have been revered for millennia. Intuitively or intrinsically they were known to be holy – or sacred – and the people who lived in that landscape imbued it with sanctity that comes from authentic reverence.


Allow Irish Blessings Tours to guide you to experience this authentic Ireland spirit in this most extraordinary of places. Check out our Tours page for more details of how we may help you encounter the holy land of Ireland and have a real holiday experience in Ireland.COntact


Contact Bee for details of scheduled events or book a private tour by emailing

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

And may God always keep you in the palm of his hand.

Spiritual Tours Ireland

Your guides Tony Cuckson and Bee Smith

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9 Responses to The Irish Blessing of a Celtic Spiritual Tour

  • Do you have open spots for late September or October tours?

  • I would like to know more about the tours what time of year.. What are the tours about . I have a great interest in touring around and learning about my own culture,history and sites… Usually I pack up the car and just take off somewhere.. I would look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    • Callie I lead walking tours and day trips to sacred places in counties Sligo, Leitrim, Fermanagh and Cavan. You can hire me by the half-day or day. I generally try to get to know what interests the visitors to this region and then match the places that we visit. This works really well for independent travellers who are self-driving. Often visitors from abroad won’t hazard the little boreens that take you to magical, out of the way places, but I am here to guide you to them!

      I will be posting a schedule of walks for dates in 2014 on weekends close to the Celtic Fire Festivals of Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lunasa,and Samhain as well as both Equinoxes and Summer Solstice. So watch this space!

  • Hi – could you please add me to your mailing list. I am really interested in your tours and pilgrimages.


  • I’d like to receive information for your 2014 walk dates. I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, was twice to Ireland and would like to return. And, your walks sound perfect!

    Can you recommend a non-smoking B&B (not a bar or pub) near a restaurant (s) serving healthy meals (and animal/pet free)? I’d love a quiet, spiritual place and may stay two weeks this year. Bridget Blessings, Marjorie

    • Please see my Day Tours page. There is a drop down menu of the schedule so far for 2014. But things are always changing so do check back at intervals.

  • Hello there,

    I realise you may be extremely busy. I therefore, do not expect a quick reply yet would appreciate it if you could at some time reply to me.

    I have come across your site and felt you would be a very good person to ask the following question, though before the question I just wanted to say that I have been having a heart-felt pull to make a trip to Ireland though have very little time for this!!!!

    Question: I would be journeying from the UK (West Country), on my own, and would like to arrange to stay in a part of Ireland for approx one week, where I could walk – ideally- or take short journeys to ancient sacred sites and woodland/forest…rivers.

    I am very interested in the elemental kingdoms as well as much more!

    Which hamlet, village or town would you recommend I head for from which I can explore the above?

    By the way I have signed the avaaz petition – thank you for adding this to your site!

    Blessings and best wishes


    • Hello, Diana

      From Glenfarne, Co Leitrim you can explore the Demesne nearby. The 66 bus drops you off at Clancy’s B&B & restaurant in Glenfarne. You can explore the Cavan Burren, Marble Arch Caves and Florencecourt in Fermanagh. The area has ancient sites, good walking, and forests!

      Beir bua


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